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StudentSafe AU is the most comprehensive tracking and monitoring system available for school transportation. It is truly an all encompassing global system, that is Cloud based and multilingual.

About StudentSafe AU

The key focus of  StudentSafe AU is, Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset – the children. Your children can be monitored the minute they leave the house to the moment they return. It gives parents total peace of mind. The company is based in Thailand, and the School Travel Manager organisation has over forty five full time employees of which 20 are international. Our operations cover the UK, Australasia, South Africa the US. We are a Thai Board of Investment company. Our flagship product – eCoachManager is use by coach companies worldwide.

What is School Travel Management?

StudentSafe AU is an all encompassing solution that focuses on the safety of your children whilst they are in transport. It is not just a simple tracking system. The multitude of applications and tools available within the system make the School Travel Manager the most comprehensive vehicle monitoring system on the market today.
It is not just the vehicle that the system monitors, it is the children themselves by use of an advanced swipe card system which allows both parents and schools to know exactly where the vehicles and children are – and when.  StudentSafe AU is also fully user configurable. The system is flexible and modular. Alerts, reports, messaging can all be set up exactly as the user requires.
  •   StudentSafe AU is also fully user configurable.
  •  The system is flexible and modular.
  •  Alerts, reports, messaging can all be set up exactly as the user requires.
Schools can relay messages to both drivers and parents in real time of any changes to schedules.  Parents can inform the system of their child’s non attendance due to sickness, and drivers can inform  when the child has boarded and alighted – or not.  These are just a glimpse of the safety information that can be programmed into the system. StudentSafe AU not only protects the children, it provides security for the schools by supplying and reporting on all regulatory information, and gives true real time and historical information that the driver has followed every instruction issued.



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